Who we are

GTS LATAM and the new markets

We are a new company in the local market with constant and qualitative growth. Our experience in the technological supports of satellite tracking have allowed us to position ourselves, for some time in Mexico, where many transport companies have delegated the services that we develop their trust. We cover a significant percentage of partners who, day after day, operate with our Platform in the neighboring country. This has projected us into new market niches and prompts us to expand the coverage that we make available to California and areas of influence. We also started operating in South America where we are receiving a positive response. This expansion is the result of the success obtained, endorsed by those who have transferred the task of satellite monitoring to us as a necessary and efficient tool to the various situations that users must overcome based on the possible and growing adversities they face in the development of their productivity activities, establishing security parameters and active control.


As it is a relatively young company, both the experience acquired and the permanent renewal and updating of cutting-edge systems at a scientific level help us to verify and receive the support of satisfied customers with our offer, given that they have access to the most renewed in the field. technology immediately.
GTS LATAM is in a position to solve the problems exposed by its clients in such a way that the concern is concentrated exclusively on productivity and puts the acquired capabilities at your fingertips for a successful operation.
We know that today the task of monitoring and effective control is imperative, so we are sure that we are joining the market not to create, but to cover a need.
Trust also in GTS LATAM

With these new technologies at your disposal, of which we are pioneers, we propose that:
1.- Reduce unnecessary trips and kilometers.
2.- Also reduce insurance premiums and costs.
3.- Increased profitability and productivity of operators knowing that they are being monitored.
4.- Greater security by having control of the speed of the vehicle.
5.- In case of theft we can stop the engine via the Internet.
6.- Assign new jobs to nearby vehicles.
7.- Reduction in fuel costs since possible unauthorized trips by operators are avoided.
8.- Alert of route departures, engine on/off warning, temperature, refrigerated box and many more functions that will show statistical reports.

We support you all the time

Enjoy our welcome training set. We have training courses and certifications for you that have been designed to maximize this experience when running your business.


We carry out an initial training to guide our partners in such a way that they know the operations and benefits of the service. This training is also provided to GTS staff and their teams: sales, technical support, accounting, and system administrators. Appropriate certifications are granted that demonstrate the knowledge acquired.

Technical support

Contact our Technical Support Service for assistance. We will resolve your concerns and doubts quickly from the server or connected devices, 24 hours a day.


Our exclusive contact with the manufacturers of the systems we operate, empowers GTS to provide the user with information on the latest innovations and developments in the market. You will have free access to webinars and blogs, designed for this purpose, which will be updated quickly and in a timely manner. Join and find out in the GTS Latam web community