Real-time tracking

You will always be aware of what is happening, wherever you are. Track your assets with an accuracy of up to one meter. Stay informed about important events and react quickly to any changes.

Find multiple objects

Filter objects for faster search.
Group objects into clusters for easy viewing on the map.

Accurate real-time location

The best cartography on the market, modern geolocation methods, and up-to-date data on the online map.

360 ° street view and traffic

Plan routes according to current traffic conditions. Take a 360 ° view of streets and buildings at any point along the route.

Instant notifications

You will be informed in case of unforeseen events so that you can react quickly to any change.

widgets telemétricos

  • OBD2 & CAN
  • Consumption and fuel level.
  • Engine working hours and odometer.
  • GSM connection status.
  • DTC error codes.
  • Operation of special equipment.
  • Remote engine lock.
  • Condition of the goods (temperature, humidity).

Travel History

Do not worry about the history of trips. All data is
protected up to 3 years. Immediate access to information for any period allows you to collect necessary data in seconds.

Time Machine: Play past trips and events

Track each object in real-time or use the Time Machine to look back. The “Time Machine” tool will transport you to the day and time of the trip. Play past trips and follow objects on the online map.

Event history

Stay up to date! The event history will show the exact time and place of the event for each object. Get control of everything that matters to you: speeding, fuel drains, route changes, and more.
View data on the map, on the timeline or through reports.

Convert data into revenue

Analyze and control fleet expenses, mobile employee job performance and driving behavior with the help of various reports and analytical tools offered by GTS LATAM.

Make decisions based on reliable data

Vivid, easy-to-see graphs, charts, and tables enable you to comprehensively analyze business processes, improve forecasting accuracy, identify critical points, and take action in the right direction.

Receive reports by e-mail

Set a schedule and receive email reports as regularly as needed. Share information with different executives by including them in the recipient list.

Export to PDF or Excel Files

Save reports in a convenient format for printing, working with data offline, or using external applications.

API to communicate with third-party systems

The reporting system provides advanced API tools to exchange and process information through HTTPS requests from other applications.

We have the best way to host GPS tracking services

Choose one of the three editions.

On cloud

The servers of our platform allow us to have the greatest peace of mind in the sense that it is very difficult to run out of some of the servers and / or our data that are stored in our cloud, with 100% security that our data is stored to be able to use them up to 2 years without any problem, for more information, our support department will be at your disposal 24/7.

As your business grows you will be able to connect more objects to the servers that are under constant supervision by our specialists. The software is constantly updated which guarantees the security of your data.

Amazon cloud (laaS)

Install the Amazon Web Services cloud platform in just a few clicks.
Don’t worry about servers, manage your resources independently in the cloud and quickly and easily.


On-Premise is the most appropriate option for companies with a strict internal policy: host the platform on your own servers.
Get full control over applications.