The weak point of the vehicle logistics system is misuse or irrational use of the vehicle. Such negative effects usually lead to the downsizing of the entire production process and consequently to increased unnecessary expenses.

GTS reaches the areas where you want to know the profitability of the vehicle and reduce expenses caused by misuse. Here are some of the equipment that has passed the pre-tests in real conditions and integrates perfectly with different vehicle tracking systems.


Never before has it been so easy to install a monitoring system.

Installing conventional fuel level sensors takes time. Wireless communication avoids the tedious and lengthy process of laying cables through the entire vehicle. No cables, no problems.
Just imagine how much time you can save from now on.

7 years of continuous operation from a single battery.

Lithium-thionyl chloride battery + Bluetooth version 4.0 with low energy consumption protocol. This means that the sensor is capable of operating on a battery for several years.

A new strong, watertight and shockproof protection.

The Escort BLE body is equipped with an additional protective cover made of anti-shock polyamide and is characterized by high resistance to various mechanical injuries.


It is used to control the temperature of the cold rooms during the transportation of products over long distances, for example, perishable and frozen foods, flowers, medicines and other products, which require a special temperature regime. However, the sensor can also be used in production sites.

Advantages of the TL-BLE sensor over wired solutions:

  • Wireless data transfer
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Autonomous power – has the removable and maintenance-free lithium battery
  • Convenient setup via mobile app


Used to measure temperature, humidity and magnetic field. It has the ability to transmit data through the Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE interface.
The TH-BLE is an autonomous temperature sensor used for remote monitoring of the real-time behavior of monitored objects, facilities or vehicles on the IoT and M2M platforms. Because the TH-BLE can control and measure a varied series of parameters, it can be used in different strategic areas such as:

  • Agriculture (climate control in greenhouses, vegetable warehouses)
  • Transport (refrigerated transport control or also known as cold chain)
  • Logistics (control of product storage conditions)
  • Industry (control in production and storage facilities)
  • Pharmaceutical products (control in warehouses and during transport)