Now you can have operational and security control over your assets.

Our company offers efficient, fast and economic monitoring through Telematics Engineering that links computer technology to the communications area applied to different user needs.
Satellite tracking is incorporated into commonly used devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and the like that most people operate frequently, therefore it is easy to access and use.

That way you will be able to carry out multiple actions of control, monitoring, projections, directing tasks, location and prevention of risks, among others, to cargo vehicles or individuals, people and animals, sites, routes, etc., with immediate and truthful results from any point where you are.


Our satellite tracking platform offers you GPS devices with 3G, 4G and the recent 5G network

GTS applies to multiple functions

GTS services provide successful and verifiable coverage to different areas and activities of our clients. Whatever the specificity, area or dimension of the activity that is developed. Be it transport, commerce, industry, agricultural businesses or individuals.

Multifunctional and easy is what our clients say about our services. The web interface covers a wide variety of operations ranging from animal tracking to complex business solutions.
Any necessary information is easily accessed by entering the customer service interface from any browser, either through a computer or a mobile phone.

Vehicle GTS Tracking

Satellite tracking of motorized vehicles with control and security options, such as the location and driving behavior of the driver, fuel control, cold chain, fleet management, messaging, work orders, remote engine shutdown and others similar that our experts will inform you in detail.

GTS Animal Tracking
Location of livestock and livestock, as well as household pets.

Full maps and GIS tools

Take advantage of an impressive set of web maps and satellite views available. We offer our clients the most accurate maps complemented with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that may be of use to you and the region.

GPS mobile applications for business mobility

Free “X-GPS” mobile apps for iOS and Android help users track their objects from anywhere. In addition, these allow you to plan tasks and routes, send data and photos to your office or business, and report in real time on the results of work. All the information accumulated during the day, week or month can be analyzed later.

Independence of locators GPS


Full integration

The platform supports not only the main features of GPS trackers, but also the most specific ones. With the help of easy-to-use widgets, users will receive access to all telemetry data and will get complete control of their devices in real time.

Leading Manufacturers

GTS LATAM actively collaborates with the leading manufacturers of GPS devices such as Teltonika, BCE, Ruptela, Atrack, Concox and others.
In this way, our clients are always at the forefront of technology and scientific advances, taking advantage of the new integrations of the first-class systems in the market.