Agricultural Applications

The new solution for agricultural businesses

It is a simple and efficient application for the agricultural sector that allows controlling the execution of field operations based on telematic data. GTS LATAM presents users with data on crops, as well as on planting, soil work, fertilizer distribution and other operations in a friendly interface. Through the automatic calculation of the cultivation area, the recording of operations and agricultural products in special guides, the storage of the field history and detailed reports, users can plan, manage and improve the processes of agricultural businesses.

Operation and machinery control.

Get accurate data on the quality and volume of your field operations, as well as the work of your employees and farm machinery.

Process automation

Save employee time in calculating growing areas, fuel costs, mileage, speed and other parameters.

Data reliability

Calculate field cropping area in complex ways, considering overlaps, omissions, and uncultivated areas within fields.

API Integration

Use the data in the internal accounting systems in the agricultural companies or the agricultural and telematics solutions of third parties.

¿How does it work?


Add geofences as fields; configure trailers, drivers and units, you will see the time and money savings this model means.


Fill out crop, operations, and crop rotation guides.


Approve or reject potential cultivations.


Create or export reports by field operations.


Fields and crops

Creation or import of fields. Convenient control of crop rotation, crop guide and detailed history of operations for each field.


Search for new field cultivations. Possibility to approve and reject potential cultivations and modify them before approving.

Drivers and agricultural machinery

Use of drivers, units and implements created in GTS. Statistical information on the mileage, speed and volume of fuel consumed during field cultivation.


Generation of reports by drivers, fields, operations and units. Report export to CSV.